Careful what you wish for

it may come true someday.

If it's not nice to say

don't say anything more.

Never your bridges burn.

You may want to return.

Before a road is crossed

Look both ways or be tossed.

Rinse each can and bottle.

Flies come without dawdle.

Clean out your sink drains well

or you'll play "what's that smell?".

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Keep cavities away.

It's wise to eat veggies.

Tight jeans give you wedgies.

Do not procrastinate.

Nor should you hesitate.

Finish all on your plate.

Be a lady, sit straight.

Hold out for better rates.

And the same goes for mates.

It is rude to be late

so don't make others wait.

(Those who know me--snicker wishing I'd learned quicker.)

Ones looks come via fate.

Cross your legs on a date.

Save your butter papers

to grease your cookie sheet.

A lit match for vapors,

if needed, to repeat.

Keep up on the cleansing

of laundry, home and self.

Get use to some bending

and freedoms on a shelf.

Mom was wise many ways

and with me through my days.

But freedoms on a shelf...

I'll decide for myself.

They are to take, I think,

off and enjoyed later.

With an umbrella drink

brought by a cute waiter.


Kat McMann

Things My Momma Taught Me

Make it...




As women are motivated by their basic natural instincts; to nurture, to protect, to teach, etc.

Men are also motivated by theirs.

One of the biggest is to provide.

A lot of pressure

comes with this responsibility and they typically put in long, hard days.

When he's making

 his way home,

anticipating what to expect,

Do you think he's feeling

attraction or retraction?

If we hit all our man's senses, as he walks through the door, he comes to anticipate it being pleasant each time he comes home then home becomes and remains an attraction.


"Home is

Where the Heart Is".


"You can get to a man's heart through his stomach" but why stop there!

Kat McMann


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